Wear Your Masterpiece. Be Unique.

"He who works with his hands is a laborer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands and his head and his hearts is an artist." 
Saint Francis of Assisi

Handmade jewels by CriCri Créations Poétiques
Guided by a passion for art, beauty and history

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Who I am

Guided by a passion for art, beauty and history, I create jewelry linked to the history of art.
Each of my creations is a tribute to a masterpiece of painting.
All my creations are handcrafted, unique, made with passion and know-how that only an handmaker of beauty can develop.
I use my creativity and the power of colours to make each workpiece unique.
I like to think that my clients cherish these as talismans or as intimate portals into joyous worlds.
When you create an ornament with love and adoration, it gives off a positive energy that is perceived by the person wearing it.

My motivation is “beauty will save the world”.

Cristine Carlevaro, CriCri Créations Poétiques
Handmade jewels, cricri creations, art jewelry

Words... don't come easy

Wear a ring with a special quote or with a love definition decorated with gold.

Express your own feelings!

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Handmade jewelry; jewelry store; made in Italy; painting; Gustav Klimt

Wear a masterpiece. Be unique.

Every painting has a story to tell: a memorable moment, a portrait, feelings for the artist who made this painting because his art is touching your soul.
Wearing a masterpiece turns you special, makes you unique and people will notice.

Be unique
Handmade jewels, cricri creations, art jewelry

The Brain is wider than the Sky

If you're distant from your favorite place, just wait.
Unleash your brain.
Let run your imagination.

Reality will appear.

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Medieval Zodiac signs

Choose your sign to find out your fate. The illustrations of zodiac signs in Middle Age are pure divine art.

The ancient practice of astrology examining the movement of planets and stars to divine informations about future events was revived in the Middle Ages. Texts from antiquity were rediscovered in the Arabic world and than spread into Europe by the 11th century.